The winner of the Else-Ragnhild Neumann award for Women in Geosciences for 2019

Friday 22. Nov. was the Else-Ragnhild Neumann Award for Women in Geosciences awarded for the second time. The award goes to a woman who through her Ph.D. or postdoctoral work has made a significant contribution to geoscientific research. The award is presented by CEED and the Dept. of Geosciences, UiO, and it was Andreia Plaza-Faverola, UiT, who became the award winner for 2019.

Andreia Plaza-Faverola. Photo: Torger Grytå

Andreia Plaza-Faverola. Photo: Torger Grytå

The Else-Ragnhild Neumann Award for Women in Geosciences honors Else-Ragnhild Neumann, Norway's first professor of geology.

The prize is awarded to a woman who has made a significant contribution and influenced the field of geosciences based on her PhD. and postdoctoral research work. The winner will receive a diploma, honor and the prize of NOK 50,000.

The award was presented for the first time in 2018. The award winner was announced by Head of Dept. Brit Lisa Skjelkvåle, Department of Geosciences.

This year the award went to Andreia Plaza-Faverola, a researcher at the CAGE Center for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate at the University of Tromsø - Norway's Arctic University.

The International Committee justifies its allocation as follows:

Award winner Andreia Plaza-Faverola:

The award jury concludes: that the research outcome of Andreia Plaza-Faverola deserves recognition due to its originality, high quality and impact. Her research in marine geophysics is original as she links gas emission occurrences in Arctic marine environment with the effects of glaciation/deglaciation and changes in tectonic stress.

Read more about and see the nomination of the award winner.

Congratulations to the award winner!

Forskningsparken, OSLO: Brit Lisa Skjelkvåle, instituttleder, Institutt for geofag, UIO presenterer prisvinneren på et event for CEED og Institutt for geofag. Prisvinneren kunne ikke være til stede ved prisutdelingen. Foto: Gunn Kristin Tjoflot/UiO
Oslo Science Park, OSLO: Brit Lisa Skjelkvåle, Head of Department of Geosciences, UiO presents the award winner at an event for CEED and the Dept. of Geosciences. The award winner could not be present at the awards ceremony. Photo: Gunn Kristin Tjoflot/UiO


About the award

Else-Ragnhild Neumann Award for Women in GeosciencesThe Else-Ragnhild Neumann Award for Woman in Geosciences recognizes Professor Else-Ragnhild Neumann's scientific contribution. In 1981, she became the first female professor of geosciences in Norway.

Neumann worked with the University of Oslo and are still active and publish about volcanism and links to mantle processes. She studied the Oslo region, the Canary Islands and other volcanic islands, the Siberian Traps and other areas that experienced significant magmatism.

See the prizes website here: Else-Ragnhild Neumann Award for Women in Geosciences

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