Darwin Day 2007: Becoming Human

Speakers: Fredrik Barth, Joel Glover, Mikael Fortelius, Alan R. Templeton, Alan Walker and Lars Walløe  

Program Monday 12. February

09.15-10.00: The human body as an evolutionary patchwork
Alan Walker
Dept. of Anthropology, Penn State University, USA

10.30-11.15: Human evolution over the last 2 million years: genes, fossils and archaeology
Alan R. Templeton

Biology Department, Washington University, USA

11.45-12.05: Children of the Gods: Björn Kurtén’s vision of Neanderthal extinction
Mikael Fortelius

Dept. of Geology, University of Helsinki, Finland

12.15-13.30: Break

13.30-13.50: From Guldberg and Nansen to modern brain research in Norway
Lars Walløe

Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo

14.00-14.45: The human brain – from its humble beginnings
Joel Glover

Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo

15.15-16.00: Contemporary human cultures as models for early Hominids?
Fredrik Barth

University of Oslo

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