Darwin Day 2009: Double anniversary

Speakers: Mike Begon, Peter Hammerstein, Johannes Krause, Adrian M. Lister, Cory Miller, Jon D. Miller, Edvard Moser, Rolf Pfeifer, David Powell, Paul Rainey and Karl Sigmund

Program Wednesday 11. February

09.30-09.40: Introduction: Darwin's influence on our understanding of life
Nils Chr. Stenseth


09.40-09.50: Greetings from Darwin’s homeland
David Powell
British Ambassador to Norway

09.50-10.15: Announcing the book “Darwin: verden ble aldri den samme” (Eng: "Darwin: the world would never be the same again") edited by Dag O. Hessen, Thore Lie & Nils Chr. Stenseth
Nils Chr. Stenseth


10.15-11.15: The public acceptance of evolution in Europe and the United States
Jon D. Miller

East Lansing, MI

11.15-12.15:  The fossil record and Darwin's theory of evolution
Adrian M. Lister

Natural History Museum, London

12.15-14.00: Break

14.00-15.00: The evolution of individuality
Paul Rainey

NZ Institute for Advanced Study (NZIAS) at Massey University's Albany Campus

15.00-16.00: Self-Organization, embodiment, and biologically inspired robotics
Rolf Pfeifer

Zurich, Switzerland

Program Thursday 12 February

09.30-10.30: A Genomic View of Human Origins
Johannes Krause

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

10.30-11.30: Evolution, behaviour and primate cortex: the behavioural neurobiology of vocal communication
Cory Miller

Johns Hopkins University, USA

11.30-13.00: Break

13.00-14.00: Finding the way – an evolutionarily conserved brain function
Edvard Moser

Director of Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience and Director of Centre for the Biology of Memory, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

14.00-15.00: Evolution of Cooperation, especially in Humans
Karl Sigmund


15.00-16.00: The impact of Darwinian thought on decision theory and the behavioral sciences
Peter Hammerstein


16.30-17.15: Discussion on the complete sequencing of the Neanderthal genome
Johannes Krause

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

Program Friday 13 February

11.15-12.00 (Aud. 2): Thomas Malthus and Connecting population dynamics and evolution
Mike Begon

University of Liverpool, UK

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