Darwin Day 2008: Communication

Speakers: Ulrike Aust, Juliane Bräuer, Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy, Tecumseh Fitch and Simone Pika

Program Tuesday 12. February

09.15-09.30: Introduction: Darwin's influence on our understanding of communication in animals and man
Nils Chr. Stenseth


09.30-10.15: Flaws in language as clues to its prehistory
Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy

Department of Linguistics, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

10.15-11.00: Our gesturing cousins: One approach to the evolution of language
Simone Pika

School of Psychological Sciences, University of Manchester, England

11.15-12.00: Levels of categorization in animals and humans
Ulrike Aust

Department for Neurobiology and Cognition Research, University of Vienna, Austria

12.00-13.15:  Break

13.15-14.00: I know what you see: Visual perspective taking in apes and dogs
Juliane Bräuer

Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany

14.15-15.00: Language Evolution: the Comparative Approach and Darwin's Contribution
Tecumseh Fitch

School of Psychology, University of St Andrews, Scotland

15.00-15.15: Information on the 2009 Charles Darwin celebration
Nils Chr. Stenseth


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