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Picture of Federico Bianchini Bianchini, Federico Principal Engineer Bioinformatics, data
Picture of Fabrice Starks Bigirimana Bigirimana, Fabrice Starks
Bilek, Stian Dysthe Doctoral Research Fellow +47 452 70 276
Binder, Alexander Associate Professor
Birenis, Domas PhD candidate +4745510844 +4745510844 +4745510844 TEM, SEM, electron microscopy, steel, hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen, EELS
Picture of Anniken Rotstigen Birkelund Birkelund, Anniken Rotstigen Adviser +47 22840820 PhD administration
Picture of Tamas György Bisztray Bisztray, Tamas György Doctoral Research Fellow 91148827
Picture of Anne Helene Bjerke Bjerke, Anne Helene Principal Engineer +47 22857120
Picture of Kathrin Bjerknes Bjerknes, Kathrin Head of Department
Picture of Jenny Bjordal Bjordal, Jenny Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856012 Climate change, modelling, economic impacts
Picture of Ingunn Björnsdottir Björnsdottir, Ingunn Associate Professor +47 22856650 Nordic, Social pharmacy, Pharmaceutical policy, Pharmacoeconomics, Health economics, Register based research, Qualitative methods, Global health
Picture of Kristian Lunde Bjørke Bjørke, Kristian Lunde Particle physics, LHC, CERN, ATLAS, Higgs boson, Dark Matter
Picture of Knut Bjørlykke Bjørlykke, Knut Professor emeritus +47-22856648 +47-92250286 Geology, Sedimentology, Diagenesis, Petroleum geology, Reservoir geology, Compaction
Picture of Atle Bjørnerud Bjørnerud, Atle Adjunct Professor +47 97539499
Picture of Victoria Ariel Bjørnestad Bjørnestad, Victoria Ariel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ottar Bjørnstad Bjørnstad, Ottar Adjunct Senior Scientist Infectious Disease Dynamics, Outbreaks, Population Dynamics, Statistical ecology, Biomathematics, USA, Japan
Picture of Sara Marie Blichner Blichner, Sara Marie +47 22855775 Meteorology
Blix, Hege Salvesen Adjunct Professor +47 22840777
Picture of Viktor Mihaly Bobal Bobal, Viktor Mihaly Senior Engineer +47 22852892 +47 90713892 SMN, Semiconductors
Picture of Tilmann Bodenstein Bodenstein, Tilmann Researcher
Picture of Sanne Boessenkool Boessenkool, Sanne Associate Professor +47 22851805 Genomics, Nordic, Ancient DNA, Evolutionary biology, DNA, Population genetics
Picture of Sibinka Bogojev Bogojev, Sibinka Higher Executive Officer +47 22857268 Finance, Department of Biosciences
Picture of Folmer Bokma Bokma, Folmer Researcher Evolutionary theory, Macroevolution, Punctuated equilibrium, Sweden
Picture of Tore Bonge-Hansen Bonge-Hansen, Tore Associate Professor +47 22855386 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Picture of Julie Bonkerud Bonkerud, Julie SMN