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Semiconductor Physics

Our overall vision is “application-motivated basic research” where we address rather fundamental materials science and physics issues but in most cases with a clear vision for long-term applications relevant to enabling technologies for renewable energy.

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The Semiconductor Physics Section. Photo: UiO

The Semiconductor physics section is part of the Department of Physics and Centre for Material Science and Nanotechnology, and the Group is part of the Strategic Research Centre called LENS (Light and electricity from novel Semiconductors). On a more detailed level, a central ingredient is to cover the whole ‘value-chain’ from materials synthesis to realization and evaluation of test (device) structures. 

Our section comprises currently about 18 externally funded projects and key areas are:

  • Wide bandgap semiconductors and transparent conductive oxides - especially, ZnO, SiC and Ga2O3 (specific headlines are “quantum technology”, “material synthesis”, “doping”, “defects”, “radiation detectors”, “devices for solid state lightening (LED)”, “photovoltaics and new generation solar cells”)
  • Semiconductor nanoscience/technology (“embedded nanocrystals”, “thermoelectric materials”, and “ion-beam nanostructuring”)
  • High and medium purity Silicon (“solar cells”, “impurities”, “radiation detectors”, “point defects and diffusion”)

The section has a high international visibility, as manifested by invited talks at leading international conferences, invited review articles, research awards, and numerous international collaborators and projects. The semiconductor physics section also plays a central role in The Norwegian Research Center for Sustainable Solar Cell Technology, awarded by the Norwegian Research Council and involving four research partners and nine industrial partners.

Master studies: Master students are very welcome. Please use the links “Master studies” and “The Lab” for details. 

Possibility for PhD studies: On average, we have 1-3 new PhD positions every year.

Scientifically, the section has an annual output of ~20 journal papers and ~10 conference papers, ~3 PhDs, 4-6 MSc.

Vacancies at Department of Physics / Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology

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Research Section Leader
Eduard Monakhov

Administrative contact person
Kristin Hubred Nygård

Visiting address:
Kristen Nygaards hus
Gaustadalleen 23A
0373 OSLO

+47 22 85 28 79