Trial lecture: Knut-Endre Sjåstad

Doctoral candidate Knut-Endre Sjåstad at the Department of Geosciences will give a trial lecture on the given topic: The control of stable isotope compositions in food and mineral water: ways of detecting frauds and assessing the robustness in data analysis

Knut-Endre Sjåstad. Photo: Private.

Knut-Endre Sjåstad. Photo: Private.


3 March 2017 13:15, Auditorium 1, the Geology building

For further information

Article about Sjåstad’s dissertation (In Norwegian): Use of lead isotopes in forensic science, analysis and evaluation

Film about Sjåstad's work (In Norwegian); Kjemiens sporhund, Videoportrett (3 min), Film laget av Visualdays og MediaMania for TEKNA

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