Master Seminars in Geosciences

Welcome to the seminar series for Geoscience master's students. The seminars are given by the Department of Geosciences in cooperation with the Science Library, University of Oslo. 

Master seminar series at Department of Geosciences, University of OsloThe master seminar series runs parallel with your master studies. It is not mandatory to participate, but we recommend that you follow as they will help you in your studies.

Note that some of the seminars need registration.

Why attend the seminars?

The seminars will help you in several ways! The aims of the master seminars are to i) develop your professional competencies ii) support you in achieving your goals with your master studies iii) inspire and support you in carrying out your research and iv) to meet your peers.

The seminars will include hands-on practices, discussions, invited lecturers, social activities, help desks and more. Subjects such as literature search, scientific writing and research data management – just to name a few – will be part of these seminars.


Upcoming seminars

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The Master Seminars

Master Seminar 1

Bildet kan inneholde: kart, verden, tre, font, astronomisk objekt.
  • Invited speaker on: Getting the most out of your masters
  • Find, Evaluate, Use and Cite: the why, where and how of scientific literature in your master studies with hands-on practices
  • Research Data Management: an introduction and your research data management plan

Master Seminar 2

Bildet kan inneholde: hode, øye, kart, verden, menneskekroppen.
  • Invited speaker on: The story of a paper
  • Research data: Search, find, evaluate and re-use
  • Courses in EndNote reference management or LaTeX & BibLaTeX, as parallel sessions
  • How to read a scientific paper
  • Just write
  • Deep dive into literature search

Master Seminar 3

Bildet kan inneholde: hode, øye, kart, verden, skrift.

How to write a Master's thesis

Invited speakers on different topics:

  • The road to publishing your Master
  • Your results: statistics, significance and truth
  • How to make a better poster
  • Figures, maps and datasets
  • What do the sensors look for in your Master thesis when deciding on a grade?

Master Seminar 4

Bildet kan inneholde: silhouette, rosa, kjærlighet, illustrasjon, hjerte.

Finishing your Master's thesis

  • Your final timetable
  • The discussion: probably the most important part of your thesis
  • The ultimate checklist: for when you are about to deliver your Master's thesis
  • EndNote & LaTex-BibLaTex final help
  • Just write your Master thesis! We will use the 'shut up and write' concept.