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Oeyen, Jan Philip Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jan Ohlberger Ohlberger, Jan Postdoctoral Fellow Animal physiology, Evolutionary ecology, Food web dynamics, Life-history evolution, Local adaptation, Thermal physiology, Ecophysiology, Fish, Population dynamics, Predator-prey interactions
Picture of Lars Petter Onsrud Onsrud, Lars Petter Principal Engineer +47 22858167
Picture of Rebekah Oomen Oomen, Rebekah Researcher
Picture of Sara Orellana Orellana, Sara Postdoc 46245081
Oshaghi, Mohammadsaleh Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Geir Ottersen Ottersen, Geir Senior Scientist (employed by IMR) 410 47 374 41047374 41047374 Atlantic cod, Fisheries oceanography, climate change, climate change ecology, Climate effects, Ecological regime shifts, Marine ecology, Marine spatial planning, Oceanography, Pelagic ecology, Population dynamics, Population ecology, Nordic, USA, Russia
Picture of Jonas Paulsen Paulsen, Jonas Associate Professor +47 22859105
Paus-Knudsen, Julie Sørlie Doctoral Research Fellow
Pedersen, Martine Myrsveen Adviser +47 22856339 +47 22856339
Picture of Amada Perez Traba Perez Traba, Amada PhD Candidate - Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Picture of David Peris Navarro Peris Navarro, David Researcher Fungi, Yeasts, Trichaptum abietinum, Bioinformatics, Comparative genomics, Biodiversity, Population genomics, Food biotechnology
Pilskog, Daniel Head Engineer
Picture of Cinzia Anita Maria Progida Progida, Cinzia Anita Maria Professor +47 22854441 Cell biology, molecular biology, membrane trafficking, Cancer, Life Science
Picture of Kristian Prydz Prydz, Kristian Professor +47 22856753 Life sciences, glycobiology, biochemistry, Cell biology
Picture of Albína Hulda Pálsdóttir Pálsdóttir, Albína Hulda PhD Candidate Zooarchaeology, Ancient DNA, aDNA, Viking Age, North Atlantic, Domestic mammals, Nordic, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Denmark
Picture of Nora Pällmann Pällmann, Nora PhD Student
Picture of Su Qu Qu, Su Principal Engineer +47 22854597 Cell Signaling and Cancer
Picture of Jan Raa Raa, Jan Guest researcher at Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES)
Ramirez Garrastacho, Manuel Head Engineer +47 40593681
Picture of Lucia Ramos Alonso Ramos Alonso, Lucia Postdoctoral Fellow 96835551
Reimers, Eigil
Picture of Trond Reitan Reitan, Trond Researcher +47 22854403 Open-source tools, Statistical modelling, Time series analysis, Climate effects, Programming, MCMC, Ecological statistics, Predator-prey interactions
Picture of Trond Reitan Reitan, Trond Researcher +47 22854403
Rogge, Frederik Sebastian Doctoral Research Fellow