Centre for Immune Regulation (CIR)

CIR is a Centre of Exellence that involves groups from The Faculty of Medicine and The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The scientific goal of the centre is to identify mechanisms of immune dysregulation that contribute to autoimmune disease and allergy. Three models of autoimmune and allergic disease is studied in detail to identify novel mechanisms amenable to therapeutic intervention. Applying this information, we will develop and implement innovative agents for use in immune intervention and therapy. This work involves a combination of basic research, research using animal and human disease models, and student training, all of which is carried out by the multidiciplinary centre.

To reach this goal, two groups from IBV: one lead by Inger Sandlie, for a long time involved in a knowledge-based modification of immune molecules to obtain new proteins with advantageous properties, and the group of Oddmund Bakke, experts in imaging techniques, have joined forces with three clinically oriented immunology groups from The Faculty of Medicine. For more information about CIR, see the CIR home page.

Published Mar. 9, 2011 10:20 AM - Last modified Mar. 21, 2017 11:25 AM


Inger Sandlie (group leader)

Oddmund Bakke (group leader)