Neuronify is an educational neural network app. It allows you to explore neural simulations without prior computational experience.
Read more and download Neuronify from here.


Expipe is a semi-structured data management system implemented in Python that simplifies the steps from experiment to data analysis.
Read more and install Expipe from here.


Exdir is an open file format specification for experimental pipelines. It simplifies data analysis by storing data and metadata in directories instead of in a single file.
Read more and install Exdir from here.


Uncertainpy is a Python toolbox for uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis tailored toward computational neuroscience.
Read more and install Uncertainpy from here.


LFPy is a Python-module for calculation of extracellular potentials from multicompartment neuron models.
Read more and install LFPy from here.

Suggested reading (computational neuroscience):

Principles of computational modelling in neuroscience (Sterrat et al.)

Principles of neural coding (Quiroga & Panzeri)

Computational systems neurobiology (Ed. Le Novère)

Biological physics - Energy, information, life (Philip Nelson)

Theoretical neuroscience (Dayan & Abbott)

Biophysics of computation (Koch)

Computational neuroscience (Mallot)

Mathematics for neuroscientists (Gabbiani & Cox)


Here you will find helpful guides for installing and using various software applicable to CINPLA projects.

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Marianne Fyhn