Here you will find interesting posts about a variety of topics at Cinpla, including recent and upcoming events, awards, and coding solutions. 


Here you will find helpful guides for installing and using various software applicable to Cinpla projects. 

Suggested reading
(computational neuroscience):

Principles of computational modelling in neuroscience (Sterrat et al.)
Principles of neural coding (Quiroga & Panzeri)
Computational Systems Neurobiology (Ed. Le Novère)
Biological Physics - Energy, Information, Life (Philip Nelson)

- Dayan & Abbott: Theoretical Neuroscience
- Koch: Biophysics of Computation
- Mallot: Computational Neuroscience
- Gabbiani & Cox: Mathematics for Neuroscientists

Neuronify App

Neuronify is an educational neural network app. Download here.

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