Bring your own Thesis Topic!

For students enrolled in the master's program Digitalization in the Health Sector who are unsure about what topic to choose, we will organize a "bring your own topic" workshop. 

Are you confused about what master thesis topic to select? You do not have to pick one from the list of predefined available topics. If you have access, through your workplace, or other contacts, to carry out an information systems research project in the healthcare sector, you are free to do so. We will organize a "bring your own topic" workshop. The workshop is for those of you who have an idea about what you want to study based on practical experience (a real-world problem) but do not yet have a supervisor or a clear idea about how your topic can be translated into a research project. We will try to identify a suitable supervision team and define a research project. The workshop will be organized based on demand and potential participants' availability. 

Publisert 23. sep. 2022 14:01 - Sist endret 26. sep. 2022 09:58