Available Master´s theses from Information Systems (IS)

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Design of patient-centric eHealth and digital self-care technologies 26. sep. 2022
Local routine information use 25. sep. 2022
Bring your own Thesis Topic! 23. sep. 2022
Using School Report Cards for Community Engagement in Uganda 23. sep. 2022
Systemic design for digitalization 22. sep. 2022
Fra pilot til skalert drift 21. sep. 2022
Standardisering av journalføring 21. sep. 2022
From digital design and IT specialists to sociotechnical design and digitalization partners 20. sep. 2022
Building sustainable feedback loops between end users and global software designers 20. sep. 2022
An Exploratory Study of Digital Public Goods (DPG) Repositories 8. sep. 2022
Information system for community health workers in Ethiopia and Malawi 25. aug. 2022
Digitaliseringprosjekter innen helse i Oslo Kommune 23. aug. 2022
Interoperability between the electronic medical record system Bahmni and DHIS2 in Ethiopia and between Digital Public Goods in general 11. aug. 2022
Repository for multi-lingual learning material 1. okt. 2021