Available Master´s theses from Reliable Systems (PSY)

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Security and Privacy of Distributed Object Systems 20. okt. 2020
Formal Verification of Security Protocols 15. okt. 2020
Developing Fine-Grained and Context-Aware Access Control Mechanisms 15. okt. 2020
Designing Authentication and Key Agreement Protocols 15. okt. 2020
Efficient Simulation of IoT Systems 15. okt. 2020
Refactoring at scale 14. okt. 2020
Dependly typed programming (for security) 14. okt. 2020
Verification Tool for Concurrent Software 7. okt. 2020
Software Agents for Rights Negotiation and Configuration in a Distributed Environment 4. mars 2020
Topics in Theoretical Computer Science 30. juli 2019
Designing security protocols using Intel SGX 30. juli 2019
ABS modeling language case studies 25. sep. 2018
ABS modeling language standard library of data structures 25. sep. 2018
Visualization of Objects on the Cloud 25. sep. 2018
Symbolic execution framework for parallel object-oriented programs 25. sep. 2018
Executable Modelling of Concurrency Paradigms 10. sep. 2018
Model-based Hadoop YARN Auto-Configuration 3. sep. 2018
Implementation of an Interpreter for Simulating Self-Adaptive Systems 14. aug. 2018
Artificial Intelligence Platform for Investment Decisions in Nano and Quantum Startups 30. apr. 2018
Working with True Concurrency 25. aug. 2017
Working with Kleene Algebras and related automated tools and methods 25. aug. 2017
Oppgaver innen formell modellering og analyse ved bruk av Maude og Real-Time Maude 16. sep. 2014