AVII 400

The AVII 400 nmr instrument was purchased as a preowned instrument.  The shielded AVII 400 magnet was produced in 1999 and has a previous life at Norsk Hydro at Herøya and the AVII 400 console was manufactured around 2006. The installation took place in September 2010. The instrument was decommissioned in September 2021. For a cost of only 1.6 MNOK a productive life of 5 years with thousands and thousands of experiments run on it - it was a good investment. 

AVII 400 with Göran Schömer attaching the sample changer.

The Bruker AVII 400 nmr instrument was replaced with a brand new Bruker Avance NEO 400 nmr instrument in September 2021.  The new instrument is equipped with an iProbe and with a 24 holder sample changer (Sample Case) which will put strain on users to pick up their samples fast. The instrument will be controlled by the software Topspin 4 and the embedded automation software ICONNMR.

The AVII 400 nmr instrument was controlled by the following software:Topspin 2.1 (patch level 6) installed on a HP computer (einarsson.uio.no)  running Windows Vista 32 bit operating system.

The NMR Center received a preowned  BACS 120 nmr changer on Thursday October 20th 2011. After only a half day of monunting the BACS by Göran Schömer from Bruker Biospin in Sweden and one day of software configuration the BACS was fully operational.  This sample changer is planned to be moved to the even older (installed in 1995) but completely functioning instrument; DRX 500 late 2021 or early 2022.

The AV II 400 was configured with two complete radio channels and deuterium lock channel.

Probe: Bruker 5 mm BBOF probe, 1H, and X channel which include 13C, 15N, 19F  and 31P observation and decoupling.

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