Persons tagged with «Life sciences»

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Picture of Karl Kristoffer Andersson Andersson, Karl Kristoffer Professor +47-22856625 / +47-22856758 +47-93006907 Life sciences, Biochemistry, radical, EPR spectroscopy, metalloproteins, Raman spectroscopy, protein structure
Picture of Nina Frederike J Edin Edin, Nina Frederike J Associate Professor +47-22855492 Life sciences, Biomedical physics, biophysics, medical physics, Radiation physics, Radiation biophysics, Cancer, Radiation protection, Hypoxia, Low dose irradiation, Cell kinetics, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Proton therapy
Picture of Bente Edvardsen Edvardsen, Bente Professor +47-22857038 Science and technology, Biodiversity, Marine biodiversity, Life sciences, Biology, Harmful algae, Mikroalgae, Ecology, Microbiology, Oceanography
Picture of Pål Falnes Falnes, Pål Professor +47-22854840 Life sciences
Picture of Odd Stokke Gabrielsen Gabrielsen, Odd Stokke Professor +47-22857346 +47-41560130 Life sciences
Picture of Paul Grini Grini, Paul Professor +47-22854574 +47-99390210 +4799390210 Life sciences, Plant reproduction, Genetics, Epigenetics
Picture of Kristian Gundersen Gundersen, Kristian Professor +47-22854617 +47-92690220 Life sciences
Picture of Hans-Petter Hersleth Hersleth, Hans-Petter Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator +47 22854631 +47 41333126 structural biology, protein structure, diffraction, Synchrotron, biochemistry, protein crystallography, spectroscopy, Life sciences, USA
Picture of Eivind Hovig Hovig, Eivind Professor Life sciences, Bioinformatics
Picture of Philipp Dominik Häfliger Häfliger, Philipp Dominik Professor +47-22840118 Life sciences, Electronics, Machine Learning, Microelectronics, Integrated circuits, Nanoelectronics, Micro-implants, USA, Neuromorphic systems
Picture of Kjetill Sigurd Jakobsen Jakobsen, Kjetill Sigurd Professor +47-22854602 +47-90741779 Life sciences
Picture of John Michael Koomey Koomey, John Michael Professor +47-22854091 Life sciences
Picture of Jon Kristen Lærdahl Lærdahl, Jon Kristen Associate Professor +47-22844784 +47-99507335 Life sciences, Bioinformatics
Picture of Erik O Pettersen Pettersen, Erik O Professor Emeritus +47-22855644 Life sciences
Picture of Kristian Prydz Prydz, Kristian Professor +47-22856753 Life sciences
Picture of Torbjørn Rognes Rognes, Torbjørn Professor +47-22844787 +47-90755587 90755587 Parallelisation, Life sciences, DNA repair, Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Programming, Sequence analysis
Picture of Sverre Arne Sande Sande, Sverre Arne Professor +47-22856590 91833324 Bionanotechnology, Experimental design, Bioadhesion, Drug formulation, Principal-component methods, Multivariate evaluation, Pharmaceutics, Biopolymers, Life sciences
Picture of Nils Christian Stenseth Stenseth, Nils Christian Professor +47-22854584 Life sciences, China, India, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Nordic, Global South
Picture of Bengt Gunnar Svensson Svensson, Bengt Gunnar Professor +47-22852859 Life sciences, SMN
Picture of Reidunn Aalen Aalen, Reidunn Professor +47-22854437 +47-48218985 Life sciences