Persons tagged with «SMN»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Hussein Ayedh Ayedh, Hussein Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840937 Physics, SMN, LENS
Picture of Marianne Etzelmüller Bathen Bathen, Marianne Etzelmüller Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Bazioti, Kalliopi Postdoctoral Fellow SMN
Picture of Chidanand Bhoodoo Bhoodoo, Chidanand Principal Engineer 41326909 +47-41326909, Office : +47-22840942 Semiconductors, SMN, DLTS
Picture of Julie Bonkerud Bonkerud, Julie Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Borgersen, Jon Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Picture of Terje Finstad Finstad, Terje Professor +47-22852855 SMN
Picture of Augustinas Galeckas Galeckas, Augustinas Researcher +47-22852828 SMN
Picture of Michael  Getz Getz, Michael Stipendiat 97684224 SMN
Grigorev, Aleksei Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Grini, Sigbjørn Doctoral Research Fellow 47091335 SMN
Picture of Anette Eleonora Gunnæs Gunnæs, Anette Eleonora Associate Professor +47-22852812 TEM, Materialvitenskap- og teknologi, Nano- og mikroteknologi, Nanomaterials, Energy challenges, Diffraksjon, SMN
Picture of Mads Eide Ingebrigtsen Ingebrigtsen, Mads Eide Doctoral Research Fellow Semiconductors, SMN, TCO, DLTS, Ga2O3, LENS, ZnO
Iordanidou, Konstantina Postdoctoral Fellow SMN
Picture of Klaus Magnus Håland Johansen Johansen, Klaus Magnus Håland Researcher +47-22840936 99578163 SMN
Picture of Torunn Kjeldstad Kjeldstad, Torunn Doctoral Research Fellow 47669821 Atomic Layer Deposition, SMN, Semiconductors, Solar cells, LENS, Silicon
Picture of Ilia Kolevatov Kolevatov, Ilia Researcher +47-45465635 FTIR, Defects, Semiconductors, Solar cells, SMN, DLTS
Kumar, Raj Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857756 SMN
Picture of Andrej Kuznetsov Kuznetsov, Andrej Professor +47-22857762 Radiation phenomena, China, Semiconductors, Detectors, Solar cells, SMN, Nano- and microtechnology, Heterostructures
Picture of Monika Løberg Løberg, Monika Stipendiat - Senter for Materialvitenskap og Nanoteknologi SMN
Picture of Edouard Monakhov Monakhov, Edouard Professor +47-22840935 SMN
Murin, Leonid Guest researcher SMN
Narayanan Kutty, Maya Postdoctoral Fellow +47-45919694 SMN
Picture of Martin Nyborg Nyborg, Martin Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, SuSolTech