2016 - Side 2

Vienna: Presenting the new study, Matthew Toohey GEOMAR is the second from the right. Photo: Kirstin Krüger, UiO/CEED
Publisert 19. apr. 2016 12:18

International team of climate researchers reconstructs global cooling in the reign of the Roman emperor Justinian. Ice-cores and data about sulfate flux at Greenland and Artica reveils the pasts climate disasters. Their research was presented at EGU 2016; Vienna recently.

Illustrasjon: Colourbox.no
Publisert 11. mars 2016 16:34

Fredag 11. mars 2016 er det nøyaktig 5 år siden det store jordskjelvet utenfor kysten av Japan i 2011.  I spalten "Forskningsfronten" i Morgenbladet skriver Henrik H. Svensen (CEED og Institutt for geofag) om katastrofen som tok livet av 19 000 mennesker, og der opprydningsarbeidet og sikring av et atomkraftverk fortsatt pågår.

Publisert 22. jan. 2016 11:48

To kick-off the newly established collaborative project on “Climate, Volcanism, and Tectonics” between the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics and the paleoclimate modeling group at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research we wish to invite to a joint workshop at Geilo. The main aim will be to discuss the potential role of bathymetry on ocean circulation in the causes and nature of extreme climates of the geologic past, and compare these to other possible forcing mechanism such as volcanism.