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Publisert 14. aug. 2019 09:29

Researchers from CEED are travelling with a film team around Norway to unravel the opening and closure of ocean basins (the Wilson Cycle). They will make a series of short videos where each episode is one stage of the Wilson Cycle - watch this space.

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Publisert 13. aug. 2019 15:08

We have recently hired six new Young Scientists to CEED. The competition was strong, and we received on the average around 50 applications per advertisement. All positions ended up being offered to females. Here is the addition of bright young scientist at CEED this Autumn semester, welcome to them all!

Publisert 2. aug. 2019 14:17

Arrive by November 3, leave on November 10

Five days of theoretic and practical short course with a one-day of local field trip

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Publisert 31. juli 2019 08:32

Do you have an upcoming publication and would like to extend its reach through a press release? Maybe your university doesn’t have a media office able to help, you are short on time, and/or don’t know where to start. Don’t fret, this week Grace Shephard (Researcher at CEED, University of Oslo) shares some tips for writing your own press release and includes a handy template for download. She also spoke to experts from the EGU and AGU press offices on writing a pitch to the media.

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The object of Academia Europaea is the advancement and propagation of excellence in scholarship in the humanities, law, the economic, social, and political sciences, mathematics, medicine, and all branches of natural and technological sciences anywhere in the world for the public benefit and for the advancement of the education of the public of all ages. The aim of the Academy is to promote European research, advise governments and international organisations in scientific matters, and further interdisciplinary and international research.

The research ship used by the Floating University, Baikal, Russia. Photo: Floating University
Publisert 26. juli 2019 15:28

The expedition in the international scientific educational programme Class@Baikal / Floating University was finished successfully the 10th of July. The class got attention from the Russian Television, also with short interview with CEEDs Adriano Mazzini, leader of the Norwegian effort in the expedition and the HOTMUD project.

Harrison Schmitt takes samples in Taurus-Littrow Valley at the Moon. Foto: Eugene Cernan / NASA / Offentlig eie
Publisert 11. juli 2019 12:57

The successful Apollo programme, including six manned landing missions, provided revolutionary new insights into the processes that led to the formation and early evolution of the Moon, Earth and other terrestrial planets. The Mineralogical-Geological Museum at the University of Oslo (now part of NHM) contributed to the Apollo program by training Harrison Schmitt, the only Apollo astronaut with a geological education, in 1957-1958.

Screen dump taken from the start of the film 'Over the crater'.
Publisert 5. juli 2019 12:18

Scientists at CEED, University of Oslo (Dougal Jerram), and the University of Aberdeen (John Howell), have teamed up to produce the first 3D thermal model of Stromboli volcano.

Publisert 21. juni 2019 08:43

On May 29, 2006, hot mud and gas began spurting from a rice field near a gas exploration well in East Java. More than a decade later, the Lusi mud flow continues on the Indonesian island.

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Publisert 21. juni 2019 08:28

Her skriver du innledning...

20. juli 1969 sto Buzz Aldrin på Månen. Foto: Neil Armstrong/NASA
Publisert 18. juni 2019 10:40

Den 20. juli 1969 landet Eagle-fartøyet fra Apollo-11 i 'Stillhetens hav' på Månen. Steinprøvene de tok med tilbake til Jorda gav helt ny kunnskap om dannelsen av Jorda, Månen og mye mer.

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Krister, photo: private
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J.C. Viennet, photo: private
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Photo: Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi/Thomas B. Eckhoff
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Anny Cazenave. Photo: Private
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Medal 2018 by Øystein Nordgulen at NGF's winter meeting, Bergen 8.1.2019. Photo: Gudmund Løvø/NGU
Publisert 9. jan. 2019 08:28

CEED`s researcher Mathew (Mat) Domeier – was awarded the Reusch Medal 2018 at the Norwegian Geological Society winter meeting in Bergen.