Contributions to the Apollo programme from the University of Oslo

The successful Apollo programme, including six manned landing missions, provided revolutionary new insights into the processes that led to the formation and early evolution of the Moon, Earth and other terrestrial planets. The Mineralogical-Geological Museum at the University of Oslo (now part of NHM) contributed to the Apollo program by training Harrison Schmitt, the only Apollo astronaut with a geological education, in 1957-1958.

Harrison Schmitt takes samples in Taurus-Littrow Valley at the Moon. Foto: Eugene Cernan / NASA / Offentlig eie

Harrison Schmitt takes samples in Taurus-Littrow Valley at the Moon. Foto: Eugene Cernan / NASA / Offentlig eie

During the 1969-1974 period, professor Knut Heier was an Apollo Principal Investigator and his neutron activation analysis laboratory, largely operated by Arild Brunfelt and Bjørn Sundvoll, analysed rock samples from the Moon.


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