Grace Shephard
Publisert 15. sep. 2020 07:16

Each summer CEEDlings submit a photo for the annual #PostcardsfromCEED which are posted on social media. Below is a compilation of the 2020 edition.

Den største masseutryddinga av liv på jorda skjedde for 250 millionar år sidan. Deltadalen på Svalbard har forskarane funne spor etter kva som har skjedd. Foto: Julian Janocha, Institutt for geofag, UiO / Sverre Planke, VBPR & UiO
Publisert 11. sep. 2020 11:34

Ein ny forskingsartikkel av forskarar frå Institutt frå geofag og Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin m.fl. publisert i Nature Geoscience, kastar ljos over kva som kan ha skjedd ved den største av dei fem kjente masseutryddingane på jorda. Henrik Svensen er intervjua om denne studien i forskning.no. 

The Permian-Triassic boundary is outcropping in the stream bed of Deltadalen, Svalbard. A 100-meter-long core was drilled one kilometer south of the outcrop in 2014, recovering the boundary interval. The Grusryggen mountain in the background. View to the south. (Photo: Julian Janocha.
Publisert 17. aug. 2020 17:00

A new study led by Dr. Martin Schobben (Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin), with co-authors from the Dept. for Geosciences (UiO), describes the causal chains between environmental changes and mass extinction at the Permian-Triassic boundary about 252 million years ago. From this study, scientists can get a glimpse of what might happen to biodiversity under the predicted global warming in the near future. New publication in Nature Geoscience.

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Publisert 27. apr. 2020 12:42

With the shift to an online EGU (Sharing Geoscience Online 4-8th May 2020), CEED members are still keen to present their research and fruit of their collaborations. Below, organized by day are the abstracts/sessions that we are involved in either as authors or convenors.

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Publisert 27. apr. 2020 11:54

Maaike Weerdesteijn is back from a trip to King George Island in Antarctica for a side project on atmospheric and snow impurities. Read more over on the CEED Blog!  


Publisert 12. feb. 2020 10:01

A new international collaborative study in Scientific Reports led by CEED PhD student Alexandra Zaputlyaeva including CEED researchers Adriano Mazzini and Morgan Jones, investigates the ongoing reactions below the largest active mud eruption on Earth – Lusi.


Read more on the CEED Blog!

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Publisert 15. jan. 2020 07:53

CEED Director Prof. Carmen Gaina has worked with colleagues to reveal how Africa is being carved from below with a new paper in Nature Communications. 

Read more about this exciting study over on the CEED Blog!