Professor Rob Van der Voo: Celebrating 80 years

Bildet kan inneholde: botanikk, anlegg, blad, blomst.

Rob van der Voo during filed work in the Oslo region. Photo: Trond H. Torsvik

Professor Rob Van der Voo (Arthur F Thurnau Professor Emeritus, Frank H T Rhodes Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences and Professor Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences) is celebrating his 80th birthday on August 3rd. Rob is one of the giants in paleomagnetism and its applications to mountain-building processes and plate tectonics. He has spent most of his professional life at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), but he has had several sabbatical periods in Norway (Trondheim and Oslo), and he was the Chairman of the CEED advisory board in its opening years (2013-2018).

All at CEED wish Rob a Happy Birthday!

Publisert 3. aug. 2020 08:08 - Sist endret 3. aug. 2020 08:08