Adriano Mazzini and co-workers determine source of world’s largest mud eruption

On May 29, 2006, mud started erupting from several sites on the Indonesian island of Java. Boiling mud, water, rocks and gas poured from newly-created vents in the ground, burying entire towns and compelling many Indonesians to flee. By September 2006, the largest eruption site reached a peak, and enough mud gushed on the surface to fill 72 Olympic-sized swimming pools daily.

Mazzini and other scientists are unsure how much longer Lusi will continue to erupt. While mud volcanoes are fairly common on Java, Lusi is a hybrid between a mud volcano and a hydrothermal vent, and its connection to the nearby volcano will keep sediments cooking for years to come.

You can read the full article on Adriano Mazzini and coworkers studies of the Lusi eruption in the AGU online Magazine.

A PDF copy of the article can be downloaded at this link

and National Geographic also picked up the article and presents a film here

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