Yngvild Vindenes

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Room 3505
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 NO-0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo


Research Interests

I am interested in how individual variation in traits and life histories arise and influence ecological and evolutionary processes, including biological responses to climate change. I develop and analyse mathematical models with application to observational and experimental data from different study systems in the field and lab.

Some of the questions I am working on are

  • How does intraspecific trait variation interact with population and community dynamics?
  • How does short-term environmental fluctuations affect species responses to climate change?
  • How can general life history constrain the dynamical effects of heterogeneity?
  • How does host heterogeneity shape host-parasite dynamics?

I have worked as associate editor in Functional Ecology, Oikos and Animal Conservation, and I'm a member of the science committee for the demographic databases COMPADRE and COMADRE.


I am contributing to develop and integrate shiny apps (interactive apps running R) for use in teaching at UiO. See examples of a compendium and exercises

Previous teaching


Master students

  • Anna Olsson: Life history effects of covariance between food and temperature in Daphnia magna.
  • Rasmi Kunwar: Consequences of calorie restriction in Daphnia magna
  • Kristin Reehaug Hansen (cosupervisor): Comparison of life history strategies in monokaryotic vs dikaryotic growth stages of fungi

PhD candidates

  • Asena Goren (CEES, UiO; main supervisor): An EcoHealth Approach to Lyme Disease Dynamics in Norway’s Changing Climate.  
  • Marlene W. Stubberud (CEES, UiO; cosupervisor): Two-sex integral projection models to investigate the consequences of selective harvesting in a changing environment.  
  • Lars Lindsø (CEES, UiO; cosupervisor): Dynamics of tick-borne pathogens in small mammalian hosts. 
  • Viktor Thunell (SLU AQUA, Sweden; cosupervisor): Viktor uses structured models to study how fishing and climate change jointly affect the ecological and evolutionary in fish communities.


  • Chloé R. Nater (PhD, 2015-2019). Thesis title: Impacts of harvesting, hydropower, and stocking on a size-structured population of brown trout. About the thesis.

  • Christie le Coeur (Postdoc, 2019-2021): Investigating how life history affects population responses to environmental variability, using stochastic matrix population models and analyses with the databases COMADRE/COMPADRE.
  • Øyvind Svensen (Master, 2019-2021):  Effects of predictable versus unpredictable environmental variation on Daphnia magna.

  • Colin Gaillot (Master thesis project, spring 2021): Long-lasting effects of temperature variability in early life stages on life history strategies of Daphnia magna.

  • Alexandre Terrigeol (Master thesis project, spring 2017): Is Daphnia magna an exception to the temperature-size rule?

Tags: Climate effects, Ecological statistics, Stochastic dynamics, Life history, Evolutionary Demography, Population dynamics, Communities, Structured models
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