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Condensed matter physics

About the group

Research in our group covers a wide range of complex and multiple-scale physical phenomena in both quantum and classical systems using experimental and theoretical tools.

On the quantum side, our research spans topics from superconductivity and magneto-optical imaging, to noise in quantum systems and Coulomb systems, and quantum turbulence.

On the classical side, a common underlying theme of the many topics of interest is the non-equilibrium and dissipative phenomena across many scales. Main research topics include flow and deformation in porous media,  fracture, friction, plasticity and turbulence.   

Main questions in the condensed matter physics group:

  • Statistical physics of fluctuations in small systems
  • Transport in disordered materials 
  • Basic research on superconducting materials and magneto-optic imaging techniques
  • Dynamics of topological defects in crystal plasticity and quantum turbulence
  • Basic friction laws
  • Turbulent transport
  • Fundamental processes in deformable and reactive porous media
  • Crystal growth in confinement
  • Quantum computers and quantum information  



Academic programmes and courses


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Section leader Luiza Angheluta