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Laboratories and other infrastructure

A modern geoscience research institute like the Department of Geosciences has a comprehensive infrastructure that ranges from simple tools to advanced instruments for use in field investigations and laboratory experiments, to expensive and highly sophisticated laboratory equipment. We have also access to heavy computing resources in HPC-computing clusters.

In use for research and teaching

Laboratories and other infrastructure at the Department of Geosciences / UiO. Photo from one of the laboratories.

The Department's research infrastructure is used to carry out examinations and analyses. It is also used in teaching in the department's studies, especially at master's and PhDs levels.

The advanced laboratories perform extremely accurate examinations of high international class. In the workshops, more routine tasks are performed, such as the preparation of samples taken from the field, as well as simpler analyses.

Bildet kan inneholde: skrift, tekst, logo, varemerke, merke.The Ivar Giæver Geomagnetic Laboratory (IGGL) is located at CEED/Dept. of Geosciences, and serves the geomagnetic, paleomagnetic and rock magnetic research community in Norway and abroad.

External assignments

Several of the department's laboratories and workshops can take analyses and investigations assignments from partners, external departments and/or industry. See each lab presentation for information.

Organisation and technical staff

Laboratories and other infrastructure at the Department of Geosciences / UiO. Photo from one of the laboratories / Interpretation of results from one of the advanced microscopes.

There are a total of 12 technical staff at our laboratories and workshops. These are personnel (engineers) with cutting-edge expertise in advanced and specialised equipment and instrumentation. They work closely with academic staff to perform analyses, assist with the training of students and staff, and possibly perform external assignments.


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