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Department Board

The Department Board consists of representatives from both permanent and temporary academic staff, students, technical and administrative staff, as well as an external representative. Representatives of students and temporary staff are elected for one year, the other for four years. The current term is 2021-24.

Chairman of the Dept. Board is the Head of the Dept. / if absence the Deputy Head.

Head of Department: Bernd Etzelmüller

Deputy Head of Department: Terje Koren Berntsen

Board members:

Academic staff

  • Anita Torabi 
  • Joseph LaCasce
  • Karianne Staalesen Lilleøren 

Alternate members: 1: Thomas Vikhamar Schuler, 2: Ingrid Anell, 3: Lars Riber

External representative

  • Hege Hisdal

Technical/administrative staff

  • Kjetil Bakke

Alternate members: 1: Ann-Christin Jäger, 2: Thor A. Thorsen

Temporary academic staff

  • Juditha Aga

Alternate members: 1: Annique van der Boon

Representatives for the temporary academic staff are elected for 1 year at a time.


  • Ida Helene Magnor Hansen

Alternate member: 1. Søren Blåberg Tvingsholml

Web site: Contact information for the student representatives.


  • Trine-Lise Knudsen Gørbitz (minute taker), deputy for Anne Cathrine Modahl (on leave).
  • Helge Hellevang (HSE safety deputy)

Agendas and protocols (minutes)

Available in Norwegian (pdf)