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Programme- and teaching committee (PUU)

Department of Geosciences has a combined programme counsil and teaching committee (PUU). The committee consists of members from the scientific staff, a representative from NHM/Tøyen and two student representatives. The composition of the committee can be found below.

PUU-leader: Karianne Lilleøren, Senior Lecturer

Composition of the committee

Programme council leader and Head of Education:

  • Senior Lecturer Karianne Lilleøren (leader PUU)

Scientific staff:

  • Professor Jens Jahren (MSc/ Geosciences)
  • Researcher Henrik Svensen (BSc/ Geologi og geografi)
  • Professor Joseph Henry Lacasce (BSc/ Geofysikk og klima)
  • Professor Hans Arne Nakrem (representative for the cooperation with NHM/Natural History Museum)
  • Professor Valerie Maupin (Leader Ph.d.-committee, present if needed)

Deputies for the scientific representatives: Stephanie Werner, Francois Renard, NHM/Henrik Friis

Student representatives:

  • Jørgen Kalaoja (stud.rep. master)
  • Sigurd Sandvoll Sundberg (stud.rep. bachelor)

The student representatives are appointed for one year at a time.

Contact information to the student prepresentatives.

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