A Research Topic Seminar: From Numbers to Decisions - Statistics and Extreme Weather

In 2011, large parts of Norway were ravaged by the hurricanes Dagmar, Berit and Cato. The cost of these natural disasters amounted to 2, 3 billion kroner.

The seminar is held in connection with the 2nd Conference on Modelling Hydrology, Climate and Land Surface Processes,  which is held on 10th-12th of September 2012.  

A car hit by a hurricane. PHOTO: colourbox.no

We expect in the Nordic region a warmer and wetter climate. The uncertainty of these scenarios is large but even the risk will have great consequences in society. 

The seminar is multidisciplinary and focuses on:

  • the processes behind extreme weather incidences and  variation
  • statistics of extremes, advanced and more simple statistics
  • the use of  extreme value statistics in hydrology and climate research 
  • the use of extreme value theory in economics and finance
  • extreme weather, who has the responsibility?
  • extreme weather events and land use planning, risk management.

Speakers are Frode Stordal (Dept. of Geosciences UiO), Thomas Skaugen (NVE), Martin Beniston (ISE, University of Geneva), Asbjørn Aaheim (CICERO), Eivind Junker (Department of Public and International Law, UiO), Norwegian computing center.

See programme (PDF).

If you are interested in this seminar, please contact the MILEN Research School Coordinator

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