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Procedure for guests at IBV

Procedure shall ensure a safe working environment for guests at IBV.

The procedure applies to all guests working at IBV.


All information regarding HSE can be found on the IBV web pages. It is important that all guests are given an introduction to relevant health and safety issues for the work they are performing. This may include; issues related to the KB building, procedures, SOP's and risk assessments.

HSE training

As a minimum, all guests must receive necessary training as specified in "Procedure for general HSE training at IBV"

When working at UiO, either doing field work or in our laboratories, a basic introduction to field work and laboratory safety is necessary.  If the guest visiting is staying for more than 6 months, a thorough HSE training (same as employees) should be considered.

All training should be documented electronically in "nettskjema". Access to office and labs will be granted after submission of form.

Risk assessment requirements for lab work

All IBV lab work should be risk assessed. The risk assessment should be published on the HSE webpages. Guests should not perform lab work that is not published here.

 Specific rules for certain groups of guests:

  • High School students should not be working with chemicals labelled:

Image may contain: Line.GHS06/Toxic: acute exposure at relatively low doses can result in life long poisoning or death.

GHS08/Health hazard: Can result in chronic disorders.

  • No guests should work with radioactive sources without UiOs' Radiation safety course.

Insurance requirements for access to labs and field work participation

It is important to check the guest's insurances. This documentation should be uploaded in "nettskjema"

Guests associated with other Norwegian institutions, that can confirm the contract and insurances, are granted the same access to labs and field work as IBV students/employees.

Guests without Norwegian association must have an expanded travel insurance or similar. This insurance must cover injuries obtained during lab or field work. If such insurance can be documented, the guest will be granted the same access to labs and field work as IBV students/employees.

Guests without proper documentation of insurances can not work in IBV labs or participate in field work.

Age restrictions in the field and in laboratories

No persons under 18 years are allowed to work in the IBV labs or do IBV field work. As an exception, students from Norwegian high schools can participate during lab and field work, but only under supervision. This means that supervisor or other competent person should work together with the student. The student should never be alone in the lab or in the field.

    Risk assessment requirements for field work and filling out Field card for participants

    All IBV field work should be risk assessed. In addition, separate field cards for field work responsible and participant should be filled out. Procedure for Field Work also applies to guests. As for all IBV field work, the person responsible should account for the associated risks prior to the field work.


    Closest leader is responsible for following this procedure.


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