This week in PNAS: Perineuronal nets and recall of distant fear memories

We're excited to find our paper on perineuronal nets and longterm memories picked by the editors in PNAS to be highlighted in this issue. They have written an excellent recap of our paper.

Perineuronal net in red. All the green dots are synapses  (presynaptic terminals from PV neurons marked by synaptotagmin 2). At high magnification you can see that they fill the holes in the net. (C) Lensjø, UiO.

The publication is open access and available at:

Thompson, Lensjø et al., Removal of perineuronal nets disrupts recall of a remote fear memoryPNAS 2018 115 (3) 607-612

Tags: Neuroscience, perineuronal nets, memory, Neurobiology
Published Jan. 18, 2018 3:04 PM - Last modified Jan. 18, 2018 3:15 PM