Høst 2015 - Side 2

Sist endret 17. nov. 2015 08:10 av Lise Bøkenes

"Biomarker responses in juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta) exposed to tunnel wash water: a laboratory and field study"

Sist endret 12. aug. 2015 12:25 av Torill Rørtveit

AlkB homologs in metazoans – an applied bioinformatics and experimental DNA/RNA repair study

Sist endret 5. okt. 2015 13:09 av Torill Rørtveit

Optical imaging of intrinsic signals during ocular dominance plasticity in a conditional aggrecan knockout mice

Sist endret 6. okt. 2015 09:52 av Torill Rørtveit

A zebrafish model system.

Studying uptake of particles and bacterial infections through the zebrafish intestine.  

Sist endret 16. sep. 2015 11:49 av Torill Rørtveit

A study on N-glycosylation of the neonatal Fc receptor

Sist endret 2. des. 2015 09:21 av Lise Bøkenes

"Can hybridization be detected between African wolf and sympatric canids?"

Sist endret 13. aug. 2015 12:16 av Torill Rørtveit

Using NK Cell Mediated Cytolysis to Trigger Adaptive Immune Responses

Sist endret 29. okt. 2015 11:14 av Lise Bøkenes

”Relationships between behavioural traits in wild great tits Parus major