Høst 2016

Sist endret 27. okt. 2016 12:57 av lisebo@uio.no

Bycatch of harbour porpoise, harbour seal and grey seal in Norwegian gillnet fisheries

Sist endret 5. des. 2016 09:28 av lisebo@uio.no

”Long non-coding RNAs in the development and evolution of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi

Sist endret 11. aug. 2016 12:39 av lisebo@uio.no

Partial migration of birds in a changing climate

Sist endret 11. okt. 2016 14:08 av lisebo@uio.no

DNA damage in Arctic seabirds: baseline, sensitivity to oxidative stress and association to contaminants

Sist endret 7. sep. 2016 10:58 av trortvei@uio.no

Necroptosis in cardiac cells.

Sist endret 5. des. 2016 12:49 av trortvei@uio.no

MicroRNAs in Metastasis

Sist endret 12. okt. 2016 08:13 av lisebo@uio.no

Thermal reaction norms for larval Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Exploring population differences on a micro-geographic scale

Sist endret 22. nov. 2016 12:27 av trortvei@uio.no

From Pluripotency to Definitive Endoderm: Delineating the Signalling Events of Endoderm Specification in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Sist endret 9. aug. 2016 14:18 av trortvei@uio.no

Characterizing a Molecular Pathway Through Which Ikaros Functions as a Tumor Suppressor in BCR-ABL1+ pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (pre-B ALL)

Sist endret 5. des. 2016 07:25 av lisebo@uio.no

Climate change effects on substrate affinity and trait-dependent responses in wood-decomposing fungi

Sist endret 19. sep. 2016 10:27 av trortvei@uio.no

Isolation and Characterization of Cancer-Derived Exosomes

Sist endret 21. nov. 2016 08:35 av trortvei@uio.no

Transport of the FcRn ligands, IgG and albumin, across the human placenta

Sist endret 21. nov. 2016 15:15 av trortvei@uio.no

Construction and evaluation of an scFv library for affinity maturation

Sist endret 6. sep. 2016 08:15 av lisebo@uio.no

"Habitat selection in Paridae and possible impacts by forestry”

Sist endret 6. sep. 2016 07:47 av lisebo@uio.no

”A Phylogenetic Approach to Bryozoan Morphology”

Sist endret 5. des. 2016 14:16 av trortvei@uio.no

Glucose and Vascular Inflammation

Sist endret 14. des. 2016 10:04 av trortvei@uio.no

Genetic correlates of the cortisol awakening response in patients remitted from major depressive disorder

Sist endret 6. des. 2016 09:48 av trortvei@uio.no

Hypothalamic circuits involved in innate defensive behavior are both GABAergic and glutamatergic

Sist endret 6. des. 2016 09:34 av trortvei@uio.no

The Dynamic Expression of Developmental Genes in the Embryonic and the Post-Embryonic Stages of the Ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi

Sist endret 6. sep. 2016 07:49 av lisebo@uio.no

”Is bigger better? A study of competitive abilities in bryozoa in deep time”

Sist endret 6. okt. 2016 13:31 av trortvei@uio.no

Movement Resistant Orientation Selective Neurons in the Deeper Layers of the Rat Primary Visual Cortex

Sist endret 9. nov. 2016 10:42 av trortvei@uio.no

Anerobic production and purification of recombinant algal hydrogenase

Sist endret 17. okt. 2016 14:54 av trortvei@uio.no

Mechanisms of Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Related to Welding

Sist endret 12. sep. 2016 14:30 av trortvei@uio.no

Adaptive response in cancer cells to long-term tankyrase inhibitor treatment

Sist endret 14. nov. 2016 12:38 av trortvei@uio.no

Development of a DNA vaccine inducing HIV-1 Gagp24-reactive T cells