VÅR 2022

Sist endret 18. jan. 2022 12:55 av Kyrre Grøtan

Licence to Krill: Diel Vertical Migration and the Predator-Prey Interaction between Meganyctiphanes norvegica and Fish in the Oslofjord

Sist endret 10. jan. 2022 14:04 av Kyrre Grøtan

The Modulation and Correlation of the Morphological Venom System of Centipedes (Lithobius)

Sist endret 11. jan. 2022 12:20 av Kyrre Grøtan

Applications of k-mer count tables in community ecology

Sist endret 3. jan. 2022 14:00 av Torill Rørtveit

Gene and protein expression of EGLN1-3 in anoxia- and reoxygenation exposed crucian carp brain