Høst 2021

Sist endret 1. sep. 2021 11:03 av Torill Rørtveit

Investigation of endosperm development using molecular techniques in model and non-model species of Arabidopsis

Sist endret 20. sep. 2021 12:18 av Kyrre Grøtan

Seeing With Sound - A Trans-Atlantic Study of the Mesopelagic Community

Sist endret 1. sep. 2021 12:46 av Torill Rørtveit

Establishment of a CRISPR/Cas9 β2m knockout cell line for production of recombinant FcRn

Sist endret 16. sep. 2021 12:50 av Kyrre Grøtan

Endring i forekomst av blåskjell (Mytilus edulis) i Oslofjorden - Analyse av populasjoner over tid og mulige årsaker til variasjon

Sist endret 16. sep. 2021 12:51 av Kyrre Grøtan

Oppvekstområder for kysttorsk

Sist endret 12. aug. 2021 09:52 av Elisabeth Hoff

Does abundance of Northeast Arctic cod Gadus morhua influence the schooling dynamics of capelin Mallotus villosus?

Sist endret 13. aug. 2021 15:50 av Kyrre Grøtan

ALIX in ciliogenesis

Sist endret 2. sep. 2021 20:54 av Kyrre Grøtan

Pro-inflammatory potency of particulate matter derived from a road tunnel in comparison to stone particles and diesel exhaust particle

Sist endret 2. sep. 2021 14:52 av Kyrre Grøtan

The pro-inflammatory and cytotoxic effects of combined exposure to stone particles and diesel exhaust particles in bronchial epithelial cells

Sist endret 8. sep. 2021 13:41 av Torill Rørtveit

Novel regulators of Hedgehog signaling

Sist endret 12. aug. 2021 10:18 av Elisabeth Hoff

Effects of microplastics and additive chemicals on the blue mussel Mytilus sp.

Sist endret 25. aug. 2021 15:13 av Kyrre Grøtan

Evidence of Early Triassic members of the family Mixosauridae from the Lower Saurian, Svalbard

Sist endret 10. sep. 2021 09:40 av Kyrre Grøtan

Ancient introgression between highly divergent fungal sister species – a genomic analysis of Trichaptum abietinum and Trichaptum fuscoviolaceum

Sist endret 20. sep. 2021 13:07 av Kyrre Grøtan

Effects of predictability in food conditions on individual growth in Daphnia magna

Sist endret 17. sep. 2021 14:55 av Kyrre Grøtan

A tale of six diatoms: an insight into the taxonomy of Arctic diatoms from different sea-ice communities and their physiological response to climate change