Vår 2014 - Side 2

Sist endret 10. juni 2014 11:41 av Torill Rørtveit

A study of the interaction between the chromatin remodeler CHD3 and the SUMO network

Sist endret 11. juni 2014 11:53 av Torill Rørtveit

Affinity maturation of a T cell receptor by use of phage display.

Sist endret 4. aug. 2014 13:24 av lisebo@uio.no

”The Effect of Hybridization on Beak Morphology in the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) and Italian Sparrow (P. italiae)”

Sist endret 19. mai 2014 15:01 av lisebo@uio.no

”Population Dynamics, Size Hierarchies and Neighbour Interactions of Early Colonizing Vascular Plants of a Norwegian Glacier Foreland”

Sist endret 11. feb. 2014 11:07 av Torill Rørtveit

Development of Mycobacterium marinum infections in zebrafish embryos, a model for testing nanoparticle against tuberculosis.

Sist endret 20. mai 2014 08:44 av Torill Rørtveit

The role of evectin-2 and its binding partner PS in toxin transport

Sist endret 25. mars 2014 10:42 av lisebo@uio.no

Identification and Modulation of Esterases Involved in the Metabolism of Heroin

Sist endret 27. mai 2014 11:10 av lisebo@uio.no

Antagonistic effects of vitamin A on vitamin D and the development of colon cancer

Sist endret 20. mai 2014 12:42 av lisebo@uio.no

”Are sperm characters related to genetic diversity in the bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) ?”

Sist endret 12. juni 2014 12:52 av lisebo@uio.no

Effects of Different Temperatures and Exposure Times on the Survival and DNA Damage of Collembolans (Springtails) in Response to Esfenvalerate (Sumi-Alpha) Soil Exposure

Sist endret 11. juni 2014 13:03 av Torill Rørtveit

Role of the endolysosomal and autophagosomal pathways in degradation of the gap junction protein connexin 43

Sist endret 12. juni 2014 07:44 av lisebo@uio.no

Dinoflagellate diversity and dynamics in Outer Oslofjorden as revealed by molecular methods

Sist endret 13. juni 2014 13:08 av lisebo@uio.no

Root associated fungi on Chimaphila umbellata in south-eastern Norway

Sist endret 20. mai 2014 09:17 av Torill Rørtveit

Structure-function relationship of Shiga toxins; Role of the A-subunit in complex stability and endocytosis

Sist endret 7. apr. 2014 14:09 av Torill Rørtveit

Exploring the functional relevance of genetic regions associated with rheumatoid arthritis

Sist endret 25. feb. 2014 10:03 av lisebo@uio.no

Male plumage variation and its role in reproductive isolation between house sparrows (Passer domesticus) and Italian sparrows (P. italiae)  &  A new method for quantifying colours of Passer sparrows using digital imaging in the field

Sist endret 13. juni 2014 13:07 av lisebo@uio.no

Polyploidy and ecotype variation in Cochlearia officinalis L. and related species

Sist endret 16. juni 2014 15:52 av Torill Rørtveit

Effects of subunit 8 deficiency of the conserved oligomeric Golgi complex on proteoglycan synthesis.


Sist endret 30. jan. 2014 10:47 av Torill Rørtveit
Sist endret 21. mai 2014 08:37 av Torill Rørtveit

Protein X, a link between Invariant Chain and Myosin II

Sist endret 26. mars 2014 16:33 av Torill Rørtveit

Regulation of the gap junction protein connexin 43 by the E3 ubiquitin ligases Smurf1 and -2


Sist endret 11. juni 2014 10:57 av Torill Rørtveit

Molecular Control of Apoptosis during Anoxia and Re-oxygenation in Crucian Carp Brain - Comparative Studies of Laboratory and Naturally Exposed Fish.

Sist endret 11. juni 2014 10:15 av Torill Rørtveit

CD4+ TH-cell epitope discovery by combinatorial phage display of MHC class II

A proof of principle study

Sist endret 3. feb. 2014 12:46 av Torill Rørtveit

Chondroitin polymerizing factor (ChPF) and proteoglycan synthesis in epithelial cells

Sist endret 28. mai 2014 11:16 av Torill Rørtveit

Exploring the relationship between ER stress and autophagy in prostate cancer cells