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Department board

The Department board is elected for the period 1.1.2021 - 31.12.2024.

Representatives for the temporary academic staff is elected for one year at a time.

Einar Uggerud, Head of Department

Mats Tilset, Deputy leader, Professor and representative for the academic staff


Academic staff: 

Unni Olsbye, Professor, representative for the academic staff

Hanne Røberg-Larsen, Associate professor, first deputy representative 

Anna O. Sjåstad, Professor, second deputy representative

Jon P. Omtvedt, Professor, third deputy representative


Technical/administrative staff:

Morten Berntsen, representative

Behzad Foroughinejad, deputy representative


External representativ:

Astrid Hilde Myrset, CEO Catapult Life Science


Temporary scientific staff (elected for 2020):

Victoria Bjørnestad,  temporary scientific staff representative 2021

Stian Kogler, deputy representative


Student representatives:

Keerthana Balashankar, student representative

Christian Elias Anderssen Dalan, student representative


The Head of Department is also the head of the board. 
The Head of Office is the boards secretary. 

Protocols and agenda can be found in at the Norwegian pages, in Norwegian.

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