Research projects at NAFUMA

Active research projects:

  • ASCAT - Understanding and Tailoring Activity of an Ammonia Slip CATalyst
  • ASCAT- Operando STM
  • FOXHOUND - Functional OXides through HOlistic UNDerstanding
  • iCSI - industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation for a competitive and sustainable process industry
  • LaminaLion - Laminated Lion ion batteries
  • MoZEES - Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems
  • NAMM - Novel Approaches to Magnetostructural phase transitions in Metallic systems
  • NanoMILiB - Nano-Materials for Improved Lithium Batteries
  • NOFCO - Novel Features of Complex Oxides
  • RECX - Norwegian Centre for X-ray Diffraction, Scattering and Imaging REsource Centre X-rays
  • SELINAB - Solid Electrolytes for Li and Na-ion Batteries
  • Solar United - The Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology
  • THERMiO - Thermoelectrics for industrial Applications
  • UnOREN - Understanding Oxide Materials for Renwable Energy
  • Tralalala - TRAnsition metal and LAnthanide based Luminescent


Completed research Projects:

  • 3D batt - Materials for 3D Battery Structures
  • A new class of complex solids: orbitally active transition metal fluorides
  • CATLIFE- CATalysts transformations and LIFEtime by in-situ techniques and modeling
  • Delam II Novel catalysts and oriented axide thin films from exfoliated nanosheets of layared materials
  • DESEMAT - Design of Efficient Solar Energy
  • EMALD - Energy Materials by Atomic Layer Deposition
  • High-Power Solid State Lithium Batteries
  • INTERCAT - Intergrowth Materials for Improved Methanol-To-Olefin Catalysts
  • MAHEATT - Materials for High Energy Accumulators in Traction and Tools
  • MATERA - Nano-Magnetic Oxide Composites
  • Materials for sensor and imaging Applications
  • Novel materials for utilization of natural gas and hydrogen
  • SiALD - Novel Silicon deposition processes by ALD
  • TOPCAT - Taming recOnstruction and loss of Platinum metals in high temperature industrial CATalytic processes


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