2018 - Side 2

Publisert 6. feb. 2018 16:17

CEED`s PhD student Krister S. Karlsen is interviewed Wednesday 7 February by NRK Radio P2 EKKO about water stored in the mantle. The story is connected to an interview by Yngve Vogt  in Apollon 5th of February 2017, where CEED`s Postdoc Valentna Magni tells about her research. Krister works with Professor Clint Conrad on a related topic for his PhD degree. 

Publisert 2. feb. 2018 11:30

The end-Triassic extinction (ETE) is one of the largest mass extinctions in the history of Earth. It has been hypothesized that greenhouse gases released from volcanic activity of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) triggered the extinction. Researchers from CEED/UiO, have demonstrated that large-scale gas generation followed sill emplacement of CAMP in sedimentary basins in northern Brazil.