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Staff at Section for Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Biosciences

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Jannike Mørch Andersen Andersen, Jannike Mørch Associate Professor +4799036395
Picture of Hege Gilbø Bakke Bakke, Hege Gilbø Head Engineer +47 22858156
Picture of Tatjana Bosnjak Bosnjak, Tatjana +4741442283
Picture of Hege Christensen Christensen, Hege Professor +47-22856523
Picture of Elia Ciani Ciani, Elia Researcher
Picture of Karl Martin Frøseth Forbord Forbord, Karl Martin Frøseth Doctoral Research Fellow
Geiseler, Samuel Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Tor Gjøen Gjøen, Tor Professor +47 22844943 +47 95163161 +4795163161 Cell biology, Microbiology, Virus, Biotechnology, Immunology, Vaccine, Antibiotics, Molecular biology, Lipids, Life Science
Picture of Mona Gaarder Gaarder, Mona Head Engineer +47 22845769
Picture of Grete Hasvold Hasvold, Grete Head Engineer +47 22856554
Picture of Ida Kristin Hegna Hegna, Ida Kristin Professor Emeritus +47 22844934 +4795096830 +47-95096830 Life Science, AFM, Molecular biology, Microbiology
Picture of Markus Herberg Hovd Hovd, Markus Herberg Doctoral Research Fellow 41621001 Pharmacokinetics
Janouskovec, Jan Researcher +447415773605
Picture of Ewa Jaroszewicz Jaroszewicz, Ewa Head Engineer +47 22844948 Life Science, Microbiology, Molecular biology
Picture of Harald Thidemann Johansen Johansen, Harald Thidemann Professor +47 22856595 +4791674070 Cathepsins, Pharmacology, Proteases, Proteolytic enzymes, Cystatin, Cell and molecular biology, Physiology, Pharmaceuticals, Oncology, Biochemistry, Legumain, Pharmacy, Life Science
Picture of Eili Tranheim Kase Kase, Eili Tranheim Associate Professor +47 22856545
Kersten, Hege Associate Professor
Picture of Anne-Brit Kolstø Kolstø, Anne-Brit Professor Emeritus +47 22856923 Molecular Biology, Life Science, Microbiology
Picture of Solveig Astrid Krapf Krapf, Solveig Astrid Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Kine Eide Kvitne Kvitne, Kine Eide Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Nils Anders Labba Labba, Nils Anders Doctoral Research Fellow Neurochemistry, Pharmacotoxicology, Molecular biology
Lambertus, Marvin Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Claus Michael Goul Larsen Larsen, Claus Michael Goul Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marianne Lea Lea, Marianne Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22844931
Picture of Katrine Lekang Lekang, Katrine Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jenny Lund Lund, Jenny Postdoctoral fellow - Section of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Biosciences +47-22856544 Pharmacology, Insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, Energy metabolism, PPARdelta
Picture of Ngoc Nguyen Lunde Lunde, Ngoc Nguyen Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Liv Mathiesen Mathiesen, Liv Associate Professor +47 22856571
Picture of Abel Mulu Mengeste Mengeste, Abel Mulu Doctoral Research Fellow
Mertes, Verena Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Beata Urbanczyk Mohebi Mohebi, Beata Urbanczyk Head Engineer +47 22845671
Picture of Cecilie Morland Morland, Cecilie Associate Professor +47 22844937 +47 41547945 Brain and nervous system, Parkinson's disease, Physical activity and brain function, Mitocondria
Picture of Hilde Nilsen Nilsen, Hilde Head Engineer +47 22845672 +4799545427
Picture of Ragnhild Elisabeth Paulsen Paulsen, Ragnhild Elisabeth Professor +47 22844936 Pharmacology, Neurobiology, Neurotoxicology, Molecular neurobiology, Glutamate toxicity, Transcription factors
Picture of Truls Rasmussen Rasmussen, Truls Head Engineer +47 22844945
Picture of Ida Robertsen Robertsen, Ida Associate Professor +47 22857519
Rustan, Arild Professor +47 22856558 +4797518761
Seferi, Gezime Doctoral Research Fellow
Skagen, Christine Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Rigmor Solberg Solberg, Rigmor Professor +47 22857514 +47 97739048 Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Drugs, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Life science, Atherosclerosis, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Proteases, Proteolytic enzymes, Proteolysis, Cysteine proteases, Legumain, Cathepsins, Cystatins
Picture of Camilla Stensrud Stensrud, Camilla Head Engineer +47 22845673
Thoresen, Hege Professor +47 22856555 Pharmacology, Cell biology, Insulin resistance, Cancer therapy
Picture of Elin Trapnes Trapnes, Elin Lecturer
Picture of Hanne Cecilie Winther-Larsen Winther-Larsen, Hanne Cecilie Professor +47 22857011 Microbiology, Life Science, Molecular Biology, Vaccines, Antimicrobial resistance, Host-pathogen interactions, Aquaculture, Microbiom, Biotechnology, Extracellular vesicles
Picture of Denis Zosen Zosen, Denis Doctoral Research Fellow +4798307211 Neurobiology, Neuropharmacology, Pharmacotoxicology, Organoids, Stem Cells, Antidepressants, Antiepileptics, Depression, Epilepsy
Picture of Ole Andreas Løchen Økstad Økstad, Ole Andreas Løchen Professor +47 22854789 +47 92603952 +47 92603952 Microbiology, Life science, Bioinformatics, Molecular biology, Evolution, Biotechnology, Biology, Genomes, DNA sequencing, Biofilm, Food poisoning
Picture of Anders Åsberg Åsberg, Anders Professor II +47 22856559