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Tid: 27. okt. 2021 13:45

LSTM Models Applied on Hydrological Time Series

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Tid: 22. okt. 2021 14:0015:00

Martijn van den Ende (Université Côte d'Azur): Earthquakes, fibre-optic cables, and a zebra: intelligent solutions for tomorrow's seismology

Tid: 21. okt. 2021 12:3013:30

Senior Engineer Sigrid Rønneberg, Justervesenet (The Norwegian Metrology Service)

Tid: 18. okt. 2021 14:15

Thick low-doped 4H-SiC epilayer enabling the observation of thermal generation and annealing behaviour of carbon vacancy

Tid: 13. okt. 2021 15:0016:00

Nå kan vi gå tilbake til ordinær skoleeksamen, men vil vi det? 

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Tid: 12. okt. 2021 14:1515:00

Marcos Caballero: Integrating computation in American high schools - a tale of resourcing, federalism, and equity

Tor Ole Odden: Everything can be a vector! An approach to teaching machine learning to early physics students?

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Tid: 8. okt. 2021 14:0015:00

Julien Scheibert (École Centrale Lyon): Towards the design of contact interfaces with a specified friction law

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Tid: 8. okt. 2021 14:00

Odd Petter Sand will defend his thesis Integrating Computing with Mathematics and Science Education: Case Studies of Student Understanding and Teaching design for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.

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Tid: 1. okt. 2021 14:0015:00

Mathijs Janssen (University of Oslo): Electrolyte relaxation near electrified surfaces—from flat plates to nanoporous supercapacitors

Tid: 29. sep. 2021 14:00

Developing a Phase Screen Model to analyse electron density measurements from the ICI-4 Rocket

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Tid: 28. sep. 2021 14:0015:00

Statistics courses typically come in two different flavors: 1) A first type of course seeks deep understanding based on mathematical reasoning and proofs. 2) A second type of course focuses on practical applications, primarily based on fixed recipes without delving into underlying details. 3) I will here propose a third way, which seeks understanding of fundamental concepts, but through programming and simulation instead of mathematical proofs. This third way is thus geared towards students that have a stronger background in programming than mathematics, and that seek to understand the fundamentals as a basis for developing statistical analyses and data science methodology. This third way would also exploit its basis in programming to promote self-driven exploration, drawing inspiration from how computing has been integrated into science education through the long-running CSE initiative. I will provide examples ranging from how to explore the central limit theorem to performing Bayesian marginalization.

Tid: 23. sep. 2021 12:0013:00

By Professor Michele K. Dougherty

Department of Physics, the Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London

Tid: 20. sep. 2021 16:00

Parameterized Quantum Circuits for Machine Learning

portrait of the candidate
Tid: 20. sep. 2021 13:15

Magnus Fagernes Ivarsen will defend his thesis Plasma Irregularity Dissipation in the F-Region Ionosphere. Making Sense of the Decay and Subsequent Lifetimes of Turbulent Plasma Structures in the Ionosphere for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.

Tid: 20. sep. 2021 13:00

Bayesian Analysis of Nuclear Spectra - Investigating Fully Bayesian Unfolding

Tid: 20. sep. 2021 10:15

Investigation into the Implementation of a Frequency-to-digital Sigma-delta Modulator ADC based on 3D Sequential Integration

Tid: 20. sep. 2021 09:00

Variational Monte Carlo Methods Applied to Bosonic and Fermionic Systems

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Tid: 15. sep. 2021 12:0013:00

Bli med i vår dialog om hva det betyr å gi og få god tilbakemelding.

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Tid: 14. sep. 2021 14:0015:00

In this talk, I will briefly describe four different perspectives from the educational research literature on what it means to learn scientific computing: 1) modeling, 2) practices, 3) computational thinking, and 4) computational literacy.

I will also touch on the epistemologies inherent to each theory - what they have to say about scientific knowledge, cite key references, and suggest instructional approaches tailored to each approach.

Tid: 14. sep. 2021 12:00

Dust position reconstruction using the particle swarm optimization algorithm and string formation in a dusty plasma in microgravity conditions

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Tid: 10. sep. 2021 14:0015:00

Chris MacMinn (University of Oxford): Fluid-fluid phase separation in a soft porous medium

Tid: 10. sep. 2021 10:15

Advanced beam shaping for spatially fractionated proton beam therapy

Tid: 10. sep. 2021 09:45

Multi-channel Electrical Impedance Tomography with Field Programmable Gate Array

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Tid: 9. sep. 2021 16:0017:00

Bachelorstudenter på UiO fikk gå på en spesiell lab i vår. På skaperverkstedet LagLivLab dyrket de celler som de roterte med elektriske felt, stimulerte med elektroder til å bevege seg som robot-muskler og sugde inn i mikrofluidikk-brikker for å skape miniatyrinkubatorer.

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Tid: 3. sep. 2021 14:0015:00

Luke Zoet (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Investigating subglacial processes through seismicity and experimentation

Tid: 27. aug. 2021 14:1515:00

Svar til deg som lurer på hvordan du bør legge opp studieløpet.

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Tid: 27. aug. 2021 14:0015:00

Eric Larose (Université Grenoble Alpes): Environmental seismology : an emerging tool for probing slopes stability, rockfalls, and the evolution of the permafrost.

Tid: 27. aug. 2021 09:45

Intermediate Coulomb Excitation of 77,79 Zn

Studenter som diskuterer
Tid: 26. aug. 2021 16:1518:00

Et godt læringsmiljø legger grunnlaget for læring, og gruppelærerne har en viktig rolle for å bidra til å skape dette læringsmiljøet. Nå får gruppelærerne sin egen kick-start på semesteret!

Tid: 26. aug. 2021 13:15

Cyclic ADC for Langmuir Probes in 180nm CMOS

Tid: 26. aug. 2021 10:15

Sequential 3D Read-Out Integrated Circuit for Micro-Bolometer

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Tid: 20. aug. 2021 14:0015:00

Renaud Toussaint (Université de Strasbourg/University of Oslo): Induced seismicity under Strasbourg: Possible mechanisms

Teachers discussing in front of a whiteboard.
Tid: 20. aug. 2021 09:0011:00

Welcome to the REAL teaching webinar!

Tid: 19. aug. 2021 09:0011:30

Vi inviterer til REAL undervisning som webinar.

Tid: 12. aug. 2021 15:45

Using Fault Network Characteristics to Predict Local and Global Damage Accumulation

Tid: 10. aug. 2021 11:00

Quantum Optical Detector-Conditions for Local Measurements

Tid: 2. juli 2021 11:15

Multiclass Classification Of Leptons In Proton-Proton Collisions At sqrt{s}=13 TeV Using Machine Learning

Tid: 2. juli 2021 09:45

Single and dual energy computed tomography in proton therapy

Tid: 1. juli 2021 10:45

On the Necessity of Horizons – Disputing the Existence of Hawking Radiation from Horizon-Less Objects

Tid: 1. juli 2021 10:00

Dose tracking assessment for image-guided radiotherapy of cervical cancer treatment using a hybrid deformable image registration (DIR) method

Tid: 30. juni 2021 10:00

Fysikkundervisning i koronapandemien – en undersøkelse av erfaringer fra hjemmeskole

Tid: 29. juni 2021 14:00

Modelling the propagation of polar cap patches

Tid: 29. juni 2021 13:00

Benchmarking and Optimization of Cardiac Electrophysiology Solvers

Tid: 29. juni 2021 11:45

Supersymmetry Cross Section Predictions with Bayesian Neural Networks

Tid: 29. juni 2021 10:30

Modelling Dayside and Nightside Reconnection Rates for the Expanding/Contracting Polar Cap Paradigm

Tid: 28. juni 2021 13:00

FPGA Based Readout System for testing multi-Needle Langmuir Probe ASIC

Tid: 28. juni 2021 11:15

Dynamical Decoupling Using Reinforcement Learning

Tid: 28. juni 2021 11:15

Estimating information loss in LHC simulations: how to tackle the curse of dimensionality

Tid: 28. juni 2021 10:45

Freeze-in Production of Scalar Singlet Dark Matter

Tid: 28. juni 2021 10:15

Volumetric and dosimetric variations during fractionated radiotherapy of anal cancer and potential for margin reduction