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My name is Ida, and I am in my third semester as a bachelor student in geology at the university of Oslo.

I attended the GeoPraksis conference at Quality airport hotel Gardermoen, the 3rd of november 2021. It was an educational, inspiring and social experience.

Participants from UiO, students and staff in a group.

The participants from UiO (photo: Thea Krossøy, UiB)

As I walked across the street from my bus stop and entered the huge glass doors of the hotel, I was both excited and nervous to meet unknown geologists, students and business people from different parts of the country. However, they all turned out to be nice people, which I could discuss and share experiences with.

After some practical information, a short introduction to the seminar, and some words from Matthias Forwick, the institute leader of UiT, Christian Chramer from NHO started talking about their perspective on future education for business development in the region of Tromsø.

Christian Chramer from NHO (photo: Kristian Bakken)
Christian Chramer from NHO (photo: Kristian Bakken, UiO)

Later on, Jan Tore Nygård from Equinor, talked about how  businesses can contribute to make sure that students in the university get relevant competence for future jobs.

After a quick coffee break with the obligatory free ice cream in the lobby area, Berit Berbusmel from Skaland Grafitt came up on stage to talk about a positive experience with an internship student that she had the responsibility for during his internship course. This student was later telling everyone about his own experiences and learning outcome from the time he spent with the company. As a student, I found this session very relevant and interesting, as I wish to do something similar later in my degree.

Ola Jensvoll talking about his internship experience. (photo: Kristian Bakken, UiO)
Ola Jensvoll talking about his internship experience. (photo: Kristian Bakken, UiO)

There were also several other presentations from both students, lecturers and workers. I learned about the concept of internship from different perspectives, and we discussed the future cooperation between work-life and academia in a three hour long workshop.

When all the sessions of the seminar were completed, everyone gathered around a nicely set table and enjoyed an impressive three-course dinner together. It was nice to talk to and get to know different people which I had a lot in common with.

To sum up the day I spent at the GeoPraksis seminar, it was an enjoyable experience, both in terms of the educational content and the social aspect. I feel really lucky and thankful that I have the opportunity to attend seminars like this as a student. It gives me a lot of motivation to work hard and continue with my studies.

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Av Ida Helene Magnor Hansen, Kristian B Bakken
Publisert 9. nov. 2021 12:45 - Sist endret 26. nov. 2021 09:04