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Picture of Christine Mayer Mayer, Christine
Mekasha, Sophanit Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Tariku Mekonnen Gutema Mekonnen Gutema, Tariku PhD student Competition, Foraging and feeding ecology, spatial ecollogy, wildlife conflict
Picture of Addisu Mekonnen Kassie Mekonnen Kassie, Addisu Researcher Conservation biology, Behavioral ecology, Ecology, Forest conservation and management, Habitat fragmentation, Bamboo, Habitat suitability, Conservation genetics, Human-wildlife conflict, Gastrointestinal parasitic ecology
Mellbye, Ann Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47 22854611
Picture of Ine-Susanne Hopland Methlie Methlie, Ine-Susanne Hopland Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Steinar Mortensen Mortensen, Steinar Administrative Manager +47 22856752 +47 95217118
Picture of Sunil Mundra Mundra, Sunil Researcher 22854619 92510337 Fungi, Ecology, Microbiology, forest, High-throughput sequencing
Picture of Ida Velle Myking Myking, Ida Velle Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Atle Mysterud Mysterud, Atle Professor +47 22854045 Animal Migration, Foraging ecology, Life-history evolution, Migration, Partial migration, Plant-herbivore interactions, Ruminants, Ungulate grazing ecology, climate change ecology, Climate effects, Deer, Ecology, Grazing ecology, Large herbivores, Ungulates
Picture of Atle Mysterud Mysterud, Atle Professor +47 22854045 Population ecology, Deer, Large herbivores, Ungulates, Grazing ecology
Picture of Tuomo Mäki-Marttunen Mäki-Marttunen, Tuomo Researcher
N. Morgado, Luis Post Doc
Picture of Christina Nadeau Nadeau, Christina Doctoral Research Fellow
Narayanappa, Devaraju Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855823
Picture of Lex Nederbragt Nederbragt, Lex Senior Lecturer +47 22844132 Atlantic cod, Ecological genomics, Genomics, Programming, Bioinformatics, Biology, Comparative genomics, DNA sequence analysis, DNA sequencing, Evolution, Evolutionary biology, Evolutionary genomics, Fish, Genes, Genetics, Genome, High-throughput sequencing, Life Science, Software Carpentry, Open Science
Picture of Lex Nederbragt Nederbragt, Lex Senior Lecturer +47 22844132
Picture of Ida Nielsen Nielsen, Ida Senior Lecturer 22856183 Genetics, Molecular biology, Epigenetics, Arabidopsis
Picture of Anna Nilsson Nilsson, Anna Animal Migration, Evolutionary ecology, Hormones, Life-history evolution, Partial migration, Tagging, Behavioral ecology, Bird migration, Climate change, Climate effects, Ecology, Life history strategies, Ornithology, Population ecology
Picture of Göran Erik Nilsson Nilsson, Göran Erik Professor +47 22855807 +47 92057838
Picture of Jon Nissen-Meyer Nissen-Meyer, Jon
Picture of Hanna Theodora Noordzij Noordzij, Hanna Theodora Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Inger Nordal Nordal, Inger Speciation, Plant systematics, Evolution, Systematics, Phylogeny, Flora Nordica, Monocot evolution, Phylogeography, Nunatak theory, Population genetics, Biogeography, Taxonomy, Biodiversity, African flora
Nygård, Kamilla Børve Doctoral Research Fellow
Nymoen, Ingeborg Doctoral Research Fellow