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Brieuc, Marine Servane Researcher
Brun, Mats Kirkesæther
Picture of Jo Christiansen Bruusgaard Bruusgaard, Jo Christiansen Researcher +47 22859062
Picture of Anne Krag Brysting Brysting, Anne Krag Professor +47 22857577 Botany, Phylogeography, Phylogenetics, Plant systematics, Plants, Polyploidy, Speciation
Picture of Jon Bråte Bråte, Jon Associate Professor +47 22844759 Evolution, Animals, Protists, Developmental biology, Transcriptomics, Genomics, Phylogenetics, Bioinformatics
Picture of Francisco José Bullejos Carrillo Bullejos Carrillo, Francisco José Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Researcher +34 656260901; f.j.b.carrillo
Picture of Anne Pierrette Burtey Burtey, Anne Pierrette Research Fellow +47-22857295 Cell Signaling and Cancer
Picture of Melinka Alonso Butenko Butenko, Melinka Alonso Associate Professor +47 22854573 Lifescience
Picture of Luis Cadahía Cadahía, Luis Guest Conservation genetics, Evolutionary Ecology, Adaptation, Birds, Climate Change, Conservation biology, Ecology, Migration, Molecular ecology, Phenology, Population genetics, Quantitative genetics
Picture of Yihan Cao Cao, Yihan Natural selection, Biostatistics, Evolutional biology, Statistical modelling, Mathematics, Corona virus, COVID-19
Carlsen, Eira Catharine Lødrup Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of José Cerca Cerca, José Postdoc (from January 2023) Islands, Genomics, Genomes, Evolution, Biogeography, Global South, USA, Brazil, Ecuador, Cape Verde, Portugal, Spain
Picture of Svenja Christiansen Christiansen, Svenja Researcher +47 22854242 Marine ecology, Mesopelagic, Diel vertical migration, Biological oceanography, Ecology of mesoscale eddies, Individual swimming behaviour
Picture of Le Coeur Christie Christie, Le Coeur Life-history, evolutionary demography, environmental variability, population ecology
Picture of Pierre Chymkowitch Chymkowitch, Pierre Associate Professor Transcription, Chromatin, Differentiation, cell cycle, Adipose tissue
Picture of Adriana Cintrón-Santiago Cintrón-Santiago, Adriana Guest researcher/Master's student Ancient DNA, Genomics, Evolutionary biology, Zooarchaeology, Paleoecology
Picture of Rafal Ciosk Ciosk, Rafal Professor +47 22859070
Picture of Lauren Louise Cobb Cobb, Lauren Louise Doctoral Research Fellow Genomics, Pollinator ecology, Ecotoxicology, Conservation Biology, Macroecology
Cobb, Lauren Louise Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jonathan Edward Colman Colman, Jonathan Edward Researcher
Cuevas Pulido, Angelica Maria Researcher
Dalseng, Carmen Celine Tyndale From
Danieli, Krubeal Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Erna Davydova Davydova, Erna Researcher +47 22859065
Picture of Dereje Tesfaye Delkaso Delkaso, Dereje Tesfaye