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Marini, Elettra Sara
Picture of Pedro Maria Martin-Sanchez Martin-Sanchez, Pedro Maria Researcher +47 96713602 Environmental Microbiology, Fungi, Mycology, Ecology, Indoor fungi, Material deterioration, High-throughput sequencing
Picture of Lourdes Martinez Garcia Martinez Garcia, Lourdes Doctoral Research Fellow ancient DNA, Atlantic cod, Conservation genomics, Population genetics, Evolutionary ecology
Picture of Michael Matschiner Matschiner, Michael Researcher
Picture of Sundy Maurice Maurice, Sundy Researcher +47-22845918 RAD sequencing, Whole genome resequencing, Fungi, Polypore, Population genetics, Demography, Coalescent analysis, Vegetative compatibility, Mating
Picture of Christine Mayer Mayer, Christine
Picture of Tariku Mekonnen Gutema Mekonnen Gutema, Tariku PhD student
Picture of Addisu Mekonnen Kassie Mekonnen Kassie, Addisu Researcher Conservation biology, Behavioral ecology, Ecology, Forest conservation and management, Habitat fragmentation, Bamboo, Habitat suitability, Conservation genetics, Human-wildlife conflict, Gastrointestinal parasitic ecology
Picture of Simone Mester Mester, Simone
Meuskens, Ina Doctoral Research Fellow +491766556069
Picture of Marcin Michalik Michalik, Marcin Pseudomonas aeruginosa, vaccines, Molecular biology
Picture of Silje Morsman Morsman, Silje Doctoral Research Fellow Science and Technology Studies
Picture of Sunil Mundra Mundra, Sunil Researcher 22854619 92510337 Fungi, Ecology, Microbiology, forest, High-throughput sequencing
Picture of Atle Mysterud Mysterud, Atle Professor +47 22854045 Animal Migration, Foraging ecology, Life-history evolution, Migration, Partial migration, Plant-herbivore interactions, Ruminants, Ungulate grazing ecology, climate change ecology, Climate effects, Deer, Ecology, Grazing ecology, Large herbivores, Ungulates
Picture of Atle Mysterud Mysterud, Atle Professor +47 22854045 Population ecology, Deer, Large herbivores, Ungulates, Grazing ecology
N. Morgado, Luis Post Doc
Picture of Amine Namouchi Namouchi, Amine Evolution, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Phylogenomics, Epidemiology
Picture of Lex Nederbragt Nederbragt, Lex Senior Lecturer +47 22844132
Picture of Hatice  Zeynep Nenseth Nenseth, Hatice Zeynep Principal Engineer +47 22854894 Cell Signaling and Cancer
Picture of Camilla Nesbø Nesbø, Camilla
Picture of Ralf  Stefan Neumann Neumann, Ralf Stefan Researcher
Picture of Nga Nguyen Nguyen, Nga Behavioral ecology, Social behaviour, Nonhuman primates, Sexual differentiation, Development and maturation, Ethiopia
Picture of Anders Nielsen Nielsen, Anders Researcher +47 22844159 Argentina, Global South
Picture of Anders Nielsen Nielsen, Anders Researcher +47 22844159
Picture of Ida Marie Johannessen Nielsen Nielsen, Ida Marie Johannessen Senior Lecturer Genetics, Molecular biology, Epigenetics, Arabidopsis, Evolution