CINPLA is the Centre for Integrative Neuroplasticity - a consortium for an integrated experimental, computational, and theoretical approach to address neural plasticity at multiple levels. 

What is CINPLA?

CINPLA is a prioritized research initiative supported by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences that aims to unite experimental biology and computational physics in order to promote research and education of the next generation of neuroscientists.


Our scientific goal is to identify and characterize molecular, cellular, and network contributions to plasticity, and to develop computational and theoretical tools to understand these processes on multiple scales. We will achieve this by integrating experimental biology and computational modeling through collaborative PhD projects that promote interdisciplinary interactions. Furthermore, we will develop a creative and inspiring consortium that aims to deliver groundbreaking research and develop an interdisciplinary and high-quality educational program in Neuroscience at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo.

Who is CINPLA?

CINPLA represents a novel combination of disciplines and departments the University of Oslo, and wants to strengthen neuroscience in the Oslo region by including key partners at the University of Oslo and other research institutions: 

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (University of Oslo)
Faculty of Medicine (University of Oslo)
Biotechnology Centre of Oslo
Norwegian Centre for Molecular Medicine
Oslo University Hospital
Simula Research Laboratory
Norwegian University of Life Sciences


Marianne Fyhn