Høst 2019 - Side 2

Sist endret 8. aug. 2019 09:50 av lisebo@uio.no

”Functional and evolutionary investigations of the plant signaling peptide IDL1”

Sist endret 10. sep. 2019 10:33 av trortvei@uio.no

Mechanisms controlling the selection of anti-transglutaminase 2 B cell receptors in celiac disease

Sist endret 20. aug. 2019 14:23 av trortvei@uio.no

Determining the clonal composition and antigen specificity of germinal center regulatory T cells

Sist endret 4. nov. 2019 11:26 av trortvei@uio.no

Molecular heterogeneity in multifocal primary prostate cancer.

Sist endret 11. sep. 2019 07:43 av lisebo@uio.no

”Effects of Microplastics from Feed in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua)”

Sist endret 9. sep. 2019 14:30 av trortvei@uio.no

"A cross platform analysis of lncRNA expression associated with estrogen receptor status and methylation in breast cancer".