Impact Breakfast: The Science of Energy

This Impact Breakfast presents several scientists in the field of renewable energy. The talks will borrow from a wide range of topics, from circular carbon economy to harnessing the power of the sun.

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This event will be livestreamed. Ticket sales start on June 1st on Eventbrite. Please register as attending to gain access to the talks. We encourage you to register as soon as possible, for either physical or digital attendance. Register here

Our host and moderator for the morning is Vebjørn Bakken, Director of UiO: Energy.

Speakers and Topics  


  • Europe's Green Deal - towards a circular carbon economy

Unni Olsbye, Professor – The Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo  

The European Green Deal is a plan to make EU's economy sustainable. As part of the Green Deal, EU aims to be climate neutral in 2050, e.g. by decarbonising the energy sector and decoupling economic growth from resource use.

This talk focuses on Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) - the process of capturing CO2 from industrial sources and recycling it for further usage. This aims to provide breakthrough catalyst and process technology for the conversion of CO2 to fuels and chemicals. A successful project will contribute to a circular economy and the replacement of fossil fuels, leading to a decrease in CO2 emissions.

  • Solar hydrogen - Adapting sunlight to fit the technology

Per-Anders Stensby Hansen, Researcher - Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology Chemistry, University of Oslo.

Using sunlight for photochemical hydrogen production can be major breakthrough for the shift to green energy carriers and allows decentralized and on-site production. But a major barrier for this technology is that the best photochemical materials is transparent to most of the solar spectrum. It has proven very difficult to increase solar absorption without deteriorating the materials photochemical properties. We have therefore chosen to turn the problem around and rather say that it is the sunlight that doesn’t fit the material. In the SunUP project we aim at transforming unused sunlight into UV, thereby drastically increasing the effective utilization of sunlight by the photochemical material.

  • Production of clean, fuel cell quality hydrogen from natural gas with integrated CO2 capture

Arild Selvig, CEO ZEG Power 

ZEG Power is developing systems for production of clean hydrogen based on natural gas with integrated CO2capture at a competitive price. The process is labelled Sorbent Enhanced Reforming (SER). ZEG’s proprietary technology is patent-protected and built on 2 decades of R&D. ZEG will deliver their first commercial ZEG hydrogen plant with integrated CO2 capture at Kollnes on the west coast of Norway in late 2022 - next to the Northern Lights CO2 injection and storage infrastructure currently under construction. The plant will produce approximately 1 tonne of fuel cell quality hydrogen per day with a carbon capture rate in excess of 90%.

  • Efficient PEM electrolysers for large scale green hydrogen production

    Magnus Thomassen,  Chief Product Officer, HYSTAR
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