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Tid og stad: 25. okt. 2021 10:0028. okt. 2021 12:00, Zoom

Professor Dan Crisan, Imperial College London, author of several books on filtering is now holding an intensive course.

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Tid: 28. okt. 2021 12:0013:00

Title: IPCC-AR6 Chap. 8: Water cycle changes

Speaker: Richard P. Allan, University of Reading 

29 okt.
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Tid og stad: 29. okt. 2021 11:0012:00, Peisestua (rom 304), Svein Rosselands hus

Sondre Vik Furuseth, Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics, UiO.

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Tid og stad: 2. nov. 2021 14:1519. okt. 2021 16:00, Erling Sverdrups plass, Niels Henrik Abels hus, 8th floor

Cards are drawn, one at a time, with replacement, from a deck of n cards. I study the total time W_n needed until we have seen all n cards, via different perspectives, along with a Gumbel limiting distribution. Various non-trivial identities, involving different perspectives for moments and Laplace transformations, are found as corollaries. These findings are also used to estimate the number of different cards,if uknown. If I needed to sample 133 words from a document, before I had 50 different words, what is the vocabulary size for the document? How many words did Shakespeare know (including those he never used in his writing)? 

An Abels Tårn podcast about some of these themes, which attracted a fair amount of inspired comments and guesses from the public (specifically, finding the mean of W_n above, for the case of n = 52 cards), can be found on the Abels Tårn website, July 2021, as a conversation with Torkild Jemterud, Jo Røislien, and myself. 

Tid og stad: 4. nov. 2021 14:1516:00, NHA B1120
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Tid og stad: 5. nov. 2021 10:0012:00, Online
Tid og stad: 5. nov. 2021 10:1511:00, NHA B1120

First of two lectures on constructing non-Fourier-Mukai functors

Tid og stad: 8. nov. 2021 10:1511:00, NHA B1119

Second of two lectures on constructing non-Fourier-Mukai functors